The Main Wear and Tear items on a Fitness Treadmill

The wear and tear parts on fitness equipment is like the tires and brakes on a car.  These are items that do wear out after usage of the piece of equipment in question.  This article deals with the wear and tear parts on a piece of cardio exercise equipment called a treadmill.  There are many moving parts on a treadmill that can wear out over time.  These items that wear out need to be replaced to ensure safe operation as well as saving you money in costly repairs over the life of the unit.  This goes for both residential and commercial fitness equipment.

 Main Wear and Tear items of a Fitness Treadmill

  1. Walking Belt
  2. Walking Deck
  3. Drive Belt (this is the belt that connects the front roller of the treadmill to the motor)
  4. Motor Brushes (some motors have this, and others don't. It depends on the type of motor in the unit)
  5. Wax Bag (some treadmills, primarily commercial treadmills are equipped with a wax bag that sprays the underside of the walking belt based on a certain mileage or time parameter)
  6. Display Overlays
  7. Heart Rate sensor grips 
  8. GFX Cushions - this is the treadmill cushioning system

Other things to maximize the life of your fitness treadmill:

  1. Lubricate the underside of the walking belt regularly.  Some manufacturers have a maintenance free deck system that does not require lubrication.  In the case of these units pay attention to whether the unit is tripping a circuit breaker or not.  When it does, that means it is time to replace the belt and deck.  This is because the wax has been worn off by the belt and the pressure of the people pounding on the belt and deck.  If these items are not replaced, further damage will be created.
  2. Clean under the hood of the treadmill at least one time per year. Hair, dirt, dust and other contaminants can get in that area creating heat and sometimes fire.
  3. Structural Defects- check regularly for structural damage and defects.  If you are not a trained service technician, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to look for such possible issues.
  4. Clean with simple green and water the exterior portion of the treadmill after every workout.
  5. Tighten Belt Quarterly
  6. Inspect GFX and Deck System 

Similarly, to the analogy of the vehicle above at times the cost of maintaining the unit exceeds the cost of the repairs, the time it will take to get these items repaired and the changes of the technology!  We highly recommend Matrix Fitness for treadmills for the home or commercial facilities.  You can visit this link and purchase if you would like.



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